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Do you have a quality young horse that you'd like to see out and about more than you have time for?

We will take your horse on to compete on your behalf.

Our competition livery provides undoubtedly the best value for money of all our livery packages. We will identify how best to sculpt your horses talents, and then work him 5-6 days a week accordingly in preparation for his events. 

We arrange everything: BE/BD/BS registration, entry, transportation, turnout.. you name it, we have it covered!

To gain full benefit of this livery, we encourage owners to leave their horse with us for the full season that they wish to have him competed. This helps us to achieve a good base level of fitness, training, and of course to allow horse and rider maximum time to build that all important relationship. 

Horses will be taken in on Competition livery on a shorter term basis, but owner must appreciate consistency is the key to progression.

We are also very happy to work with the owner to achieve their competition goals. We can school the horse around higher levels than you wish to compete, or vice versa, we can take them in for the first test of the day or course of the day to take the edge off if need be!


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