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Don't want strangers calling at your house? Sick of waiting around for people to 'forget' to call and stay they cant make it?! 

Selling horses is stressful. There's no two ways about it! 

Ever found yourself answering dozens of questions that you thought you wrote down in the advert? Or spending hours bathing your horse for a viewing that never turned up?

You only need to try selling a horse once to realise if there is an easier option, it could well be worth taking!

Our system is simple. When your horse arrives with us, he will undergo a week of assessment, so we can get a good feel of him first hand in all disciplines. After that assessment period, we shall have a chat with you about our findings, and how we feel the most appropriate way to market your horse would be.

Our sales livery is inclusive of advertising through both our website and our facebook page. Additional advertising can be arranged at your expense. 

Once your horses advert is live, we will continue to work him in a way that will ensure he is riding to his very best for potential purchasers. 

We will deal with the enquiries, arrange viewings, and when the suitable home is found, will arrange and tend to the vetting procedure.  

We will work on your behalf to get the best home possible for your horse - and will then continue to offer our aftercare advice and training services to the new owner to help ensure the bond between horse and new owner can be made as smoothly as possible. 

We have had many happy buyers over the years, and many have remained as clients. We love seeing previous BC Equine horses out and about!


Another happy family coming to collect their gorgeous new young horse, Ollie.
Turning out your horse or pony correctly greatly increases your chances of a successful sale
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